Unemployed - surprise!

Unemployed - surprise!

It's a little over 2 weeks since I logged into my work computer to find that I couldn't log in to some of my apps. Upon checking my work email, I discovered that I no longer had a job. It's a rough way to find out, especially since I believed I was just waiting for the paperwork to come through for a new role at the company. One that I was offered several weeks before but they could get pushed through because of a company-wide hiring pause.

It's been a funny couple of weeks, with coffee meetings, catch ups and a lot of support amongst the other 2000 or so people who got laid off from my work at the same time. I've had medical and dental appointments, since I suddenly have the time (and few excuses!). I haven't launched myself into the job hunt yet, in fact I've only applied for one job (that I really want!), but I'll ramp that up this week. I also want to prioritise my health and fitness this week - I had a cold, and a few aches and pains, likely stress related, over the past two weeks, but now I want to make the most of this extra time and lose some of the weight I've gained recently. 

I briefly considered going back to my old business offering high end chauffeur service and private tours, but honestly, with a family now, I don't like the idea of working the hours of a self-employed person, for an unpredictable amount of money!

As far as the job I'm leaving - I have no hard feelings. I got the job at the perfect time, I've learned and developed so much so that I feel I'm in a great place to move to the next thing and earn more money at the same time. I'm also looking at what I can do with this site to move it ahead.

About the pic - I made it to a car show this weekend as well, mostly American muscle, hot rods and trucks.

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