Monday Update - oops! Tuesday 7 February 2023

Monday Update - oops! Tuesday 7 February 2023

Yesterday was a holiday here in New Zealand and I didn’t get to write a post in time. I could have (and should have!), but I had a good day with family and I’m not going to beat myself up over it! I have a good week in general, with much more exercise than I’ve been doing recently. I have a rowing machine in my garage, next to my car and I’m using it regularly again after a long time off. My weight continues to drop, although that’s slowed down a little. Intermittent fasting and regular exercising are a huge help, and this week I’ll focus on how such and what kind of food I’m eating. Small changes and consistently apparently work - who knew? 😅

It’s been a quiet week on the car front, although I’m experimenting with pre-mixing two stroke oil into the fuel tank of my Rx-8 now. I’m mixing at a rate of about 200:1, or 50ml of oil per every 10 litres of fuel. There are so many opinions around this by I wanted to give it a go. Embarrassing disclosure - the catalyst for actually doing this was so that I could buy some Castrol oil and enter the Mighty Car Mods competition where they are giving away a car! Probably not the most scientific method but why not?

So I’m keeping up with this blog but it’s about all I’ve been doing on this website for a couple of weeks. I need to put some good time in this week and build out the store some more. I did get some side hustle money this week though. On Saturday I hosted a city walking tour for a group of 12 people. Prior to COVID I was a tour guide by trade, and it was very exciting to host my first tour since 2020! It brings a little money into my business account so I can buy some more stock for the store. I’m going to keep running with the car tyre valves for now, and I’ll get a few more brands and options in stock to appeal to a few more people.

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