Monday Update - 30 January 2023

Monday Update - 30 January 2023

It’s been a week of slow progress, but I can still take away a couple of wins. The biggest one is that I’m back on my rowing machine, that had been gathering dust in the garage. I’m enjoying that time, rowing next to my Rx-8, watching YouTube videos and thinking about what the car needs done next.

I got a little Gran Turismo time in on the PlayStation this week. I’m not playing enough to really get into online racing at the moment, so I’m focusing on completing the single player races. Once I’ve done that, I’ll concentrate on the circuit experiences.

I’m half trying to sell the MAZBUZ number plate off my car. I sold the MNYPNY plate off my last car, an NA MX-5, for $1000. That money went to a cambelt replacement, and a new radiator etc. If I do sell MAZBUZ, I’d put that money towards a new clutch kit. The release bearing is getting noisier, and the clutch remains no fun around town!

I’ve made little progress on the website this week, really just adding social media links to the home page. I’ll be prioritising some time to work on the site this week. I’m happy with the small upgrade to my work desk though - making it a more enjoyable place to spend my time!

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