Wellington Family Speedway

Monday Update - 23 January 2023

This week has flown by! I lost a work day due to being off sick after finally catching what everyone las in the family, and I booked Friday as vacation to take advantage of the long weekend (Today is Wellington Anniversary Day, a public holiday).

Having a more disrupted week meant I wasn’t as disciplined with my diet and exercises this week either but I still managed to lose another half kilo, and my mental health and focus has been consistently improving too, I can feel a

Toddler sitting on old tractor at Staglands Wildlife Reserve

On Friday we took a family trip to Staglands Wildlife Reserve. It’s an amazing place to bring children, and due to a promotion, we won free entry!

Car Stuff

I had the RX-8 out a few times this week. The clutch is just not great for driving around town, and I don’t push the car hard enough to justify such an aggressive clutch, so I’m seriously looking into replacing the clutch with a stock one. The job is beyond my ability at this stage, so I’m considering a couple of places to get this done. I’m trying to keep my motoring budget low, as daily life remains the highest priority for the family. I can’t allocate too much money to my hobbies at the expense of my family! I’ve listed the car’s personalised number plate MAZBUZ for auction online for a reserve of $750. It’s fun having the plate, but if I can sell that to offset the cost, it would be a big help! Apart from that, the car is running really well. I’m happy to have a working phone connection for my music again too. The factory Bose stereo is great, but I do get a little rattle in the doors when the bass gets higher. I wonder if I can get in and make this go away?

I hadn’t washed the car for a few weeks. I really enjoy cleaning cars, and j used to have to do it every day to a high standard for my tour business. These days it’s harder to find the time to clean the car, but I managed a good clean yesterday evening. I can see a lot of areas where the paint needs work, and there are plenty of small dents that I inherited with the car, but overall, it still looks decent for its age. I still haven’t done a full detail on the paint so there are lots of scratches and swirls visible on a closer inspection.

On Saturday night, I went with a friend to Wellington Family Speedway, to watch some stock car racing and a demolition derby. I haven’t been for years and it was so much fun. It was great to smell the methanol, and get coated in dust again! There were some huge hits on the derby, even though the cars were generally small. We had a great time and I hope I can get back for more this season. Cars collide in a demolition derby

 Finally, one of my favourite ways to enjoy motoring/driving is on my PS5 (@drivingforevernz). I’m mainly playing Gran Turismo 7. I could only manage one short session in the past week, maybe only logging 20 minutes of racing time. I’ll try to get more racing in this week!

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