Monday Update - 20 February 2023

Monday Update - 20 February 2023

Doom scrolling sucks

How much time have you spent doom scrolling this week, and what could you have been doing with that time instead? It's something I do far too often, and I'm sure it's costing me. Not just time and money, but focus, calm and attention. At some part of my day, I'll catch myself, realising I've been staring at my phone for ages, just scrolling up my Facebook feed. Or my Instagram. Or Twitter. Reddit. Sometimes I'll snap to and realise I'm wasting time, but sometimes I'll acknowledge what I'm doing, and just keep on scrolling. Which sucks.

This is the time where I could be working on my business, or even just doing something more constructive to relax like read, play a video game, or even watch a show or a movie. This week I'll make a conscious effort to do less doom scrolling and have a more constructive time!

R/C Cars

This weekend, we bought our son a radio controlled car, and it immediately became his most favourite toy! It's not fancy, but he loves it, and so do I. I always wanted a good RC car when I was a kid. I got a couple of versions as a gift from my parents, which I remember pretty fondly - one was a very old Formula 1 style car, but the remote control only had 1 button. When you pressed the button, the car would go in reverse while turning to the left. When you let the button go, it would drive straight. That was it - forwards and back (and to the left)! The other one was a generic style little monster truck. It wasn't radio controlled, but remote controlled. Sort of the same thing but there was a cable connecting the controller to the little truck. It didn't go very fast, but it climbed pretty well and I enjoyed that too, for as long as the batteries lasted! Looking back, I wasn't as grateful as I could have been, as they weren't as fancy as the ones I saw in the shops, but of course now I know my parents did what they could.

So this basic R/C car that we got to bash around the living room has already paid for itself in hours of entertainment, and continues to cement my son's love of cars, which may or may not be intentional on my part!

Gran Turismo 7

I've been enjoying GT7 for a while now. Last year I picked up a PS5 and jump on the game for a couple of hours each week. Previously I had played GT Sport on the PS4 with a Logitech steering wheel, but I sold all of that and went without for a while. Now that I have the PS5, I'd love to get a racing rig with a proper seat and everything, but space and safety are the issue - I really don't have anywhere to put it that would be out of the way and safe from small hands! I have been following reviews though, of the new PSVR2 virtual reality headset and it sounds amazing. I'm considering getting this as it doesn't take up an extra space and can offer a more immersive experience (late at night, once the little guy has gone to bed). I'll be watching that space with interest, as it's released this week and GT7 is apparently set up to be fully compatible (once the software patch is applied in a couple of days).

PS5 Gran Turismo 7 screenshot


Apart from that, it's been a pretty quiet week. I hit a new target with my health and fitness, and I'm down 4.5kg in 6 weeks. I'm going to Canada in a few days for a work conference, and expect to gain some of that back, but then I'll continue on this track and my next target will be to drop under 80kg, and then maintain that (slowly continuing to drop) through the winter. I'm not in a big hurry with this, as long as I can see and track the progress! I could do with a little more drive but I've already been doing much more with my time this year than the previous few years. I just need to master that Doom Scrolling!

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