Mike's 2005 Mazda Rx-8, clean and shiny after a thorough wash.

Monday Update - 13 February 2023

This week was a good one for Car Stuff. We had the big monthly Coffee and Cars gathering at Southward Car Museum on Sunday, about 45 minutes North of where we live. That gave me the excuse to give my car a thorough wash on Saturday evening. There's no better way to get to know your car than when you're cleaning it. You uncover all the bumps, scrapes and scratches, find chips in the glass, and any loose trim. It doesn't necessarily compel you to fix everything ASAP, but it's great to take stock, and mentally triage any work that needs done. That's if it even bothers you, many are happy to just enjoy their vehicles as is.

I know that my car has a few small dents on the roof, and a couple on the body and lots of scratches and swirls all over the body. This is consistent with the car being store for at least a couple of years prior to my ownership, and it looks like it was kept under a cover for at least part of its life. I haven't properly detailed the car yet, I just continue to wash it. I know it will come up pretty nicely with a proper detail, but I've been putting it off. I don't know whether to pay a professional, or buy some equipment and take it on myself. Until then, it does come up well enough with a proper wash.

Honda NSX & Audi Quattro

Sunday was the car show and we all went as a family. It's the first time my partner came - she's a good sport as she really has no interest in cars but at least she now knows where we go every couple of months on a Sunday, and what we get up to. We packed a picnic to save a few bucks, but after coffees, ice cream and a toy car from the museum gift shop, we still spent $30! What I love most about Coffee and Cars is that we get a huge variety of vehicles and styles, and all comers are definitely welcome.

Apart from that, it's been a pretty good week all round. My weight is continuing to drop and I'm exercising regularly. I'm getting excited for a work trip to Canada in a couple of weeks too. I'm still not doing enough work on this site, but I'm at least committed to the regular blog posts. As long as I keep this up, the rest will follow!

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