Perhaps We Had Better Start From the Beginning

Perhaps We Had Better Start From the Beginning

Mike's Mazda RX8, parked up in a driveway, and looking decent in the evening sun

How did I get here?

I have been sitting on the domain for years now, I don’t even know how long any more. The idea was to do something car related alongside my regular business, which was private tour guiding and chauffeur work. I was waiting for a moment to build something big, hit the ground running and see where it took me. Before I could even plan a direction to go with the website, Covid hit, and it had to close both my vehicle related businesses, as my clients and bookings fell to zero.

During this time I got a job at Shopify, which was a completely new experience for me - working full time from home for a global tech company is much different to spending my time on the road, often away from home, and of course working for myself! We also had a child during the first Covid lockdown, and ultimately things worked out well for our little family, even if nothing looks the way I had expected or planned.


Where am I now?

As I write this, it’s 1 January, 2023. I’m 45 years old, with a 2 year old child. I’m overweight and out of shape at 86.5kg, and frustrated at the lack of hustle and discipline in my life. I have to make some changes, as I want to be fit and healthy enough to be an active parent, and we’re also on the back foot financially, with not enough saved for retirement and not enough income to get caught up. I love my day job and don’t intend to leave that any time soon, but I can do more with the time I do have to improve our situation. I figured, why not use this site to hold myself accountable, and document the journey in case it can help someone else to improve their situation too?


What’s it going to look like?

When I bought, I liked the potential for use as a motoring themed site. It's a play on we've been driving forever, but the idea I want to explore is how we, as motoring enthusiasts, can continue to enjoy our passion into the future? This is what I keep coming back to, and I see a community of like minded car (bike, boat, plane etc) people growing around the idea of keeping motoring and the enjoyment of vehicles alive, long into the future.

Alongside this, I've been thinking about drive from the human perspective too. Me, and my family, would benefit from me having more drive in my daily life. I don't want to be a tired dad any more, and this is a great way for me to change my own lifestyle while pursuing the motoring life as well.

This also needs to pay for itself, and ideally it will provide some extra income for me and my family too. To accomplish that, I'm going to add a store here as well, so I can get some experience in buying and selling. I'm starting small too. Like, super small! The first thing I'm going to sell might make you laugh, but I want this thing to be self sufficient, and I can't invest much personal money, as that's already spoken for in daily life.


So, what's next?

I don't even have a logo yet. Little things like that are going to be important! I need to build out this site and set up my online store, get some stock in and get selling, but mainly I want to keep writing posts and progress reports here. It doesn't matter if nobody reads anything at first, it's still going to help me get my thoughts and ideas ironed out, and it may make for an interesting backstory later on!




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